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Meet the Schunklers

Looking for Oompah Bands Midlands?

The Bierkeller Schunklers German Oompah Band has enjoyed tremendous success over the years, and continues to wow audiences across the UK with an award winning act combining live, traditional bavarian entertainment with modern day comedy and songs, guaranteed to get your event going with a stomp and a swing!  So if you are looking for Oompah bands Midlands, please read on to find out more about The Bierkeller Schunklers!

The Bierkeller Schunklers Bavarian Band is a band like no other, and our players have an extensive array of talents and skills, which means that our act and performance can be tailored to many different types of events.

We can accommodate most budgets by changing the size of the band, from solo up to an 8-piece band.

Meet the Band:

    Klein Wilhelme

    Known to everyone as ‘Little Willy’. That’s just his name. When he plays the accordion, his fingers never leave his wrists.

        Helmut von Winkleskrote

        Having studied at the Royal Academy of Tuba Blowing & Tambourine Shaking, Helmut is without question the most talented musician in the band.

            ‘Our Herman’

            Herman von Krakken Fahrte, better known as ‘Herman the German’. From a small fishing village outside Stuttgart called Wolverhampton.

                The Major

                Herr Major Ulrich Wolfgang von Lotzov Drinking. Says it all really.

                    Fraulein Christine

                    Fraulein Christine der Smakken Cras… Probably the best drummer in the Black Forest or any other gateaux.

                        Herr Heinrick Manoeuvre

                        He has just signed a 12 month contract with Thames Television. They said if he keeps up the payments, he can keep the TV.

                            Jurgen von Nakker

                            Jurgen von Nakker Snakker… Under no circumstances, mention the Summer of 1966. Ever.

                                Colonel Heinrich

                                Colonel Heinrich von Fahrte Draggon… Just returned from America where he did a concert for non-other than the President of the United Diaries.

                                  For Oompah Bands Midlands contact the Bierkeller Schunklers German Oompah Bavarian Band, servicing Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and the Midlands

                                  Looking for Oompah Bands Midlands?

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