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Tips for Success

Tips for Organising A Successful Bavarian Oompah Night from leading German Oompah Band, The Bierkeller Schunklers!

A Party night in the style of a traditional German Bavarian Oompah Band playing songs and music you know very well with a lot of fun!

Invite your guests

To a full-on night of action and fun!

Inform your guests of the theme

Tell them it’s a Bavarian Oompah event with lots of audience involvement. Don’t keep it a secret. Invite them to dress up – it adds to the fun!
Consider your venue carefully

Make sure that it is an appropriate size for the number of guests you have invited. Don’t book a large venue for 60 guests as you will lose atmosphere.
Book a ‘good’ Oompah Band that comes highly recommended

Pick the best, contact The Bierkeller Schunklers German Oompah Band! Select a band with excellent testimonials, and/or ask for video footage of the band in action. Ask your band for photographs that you can send out with your invitations or a poster template.
Lay out the tables and chairs in traditional Bierkeller style

Long rows leading away from the Band/stage area. The audience sit sideways to the Band.
Ensure sufficient accessibility

Make sure the rows have sufficient space between them for people to be able to get in/out of their chairs safely and with ease. Consider disabled access.
Decorate the tables and dress the venue with German/Bavarian themed decorations

Your band should be able to tell you the best place to obtain these economically. Click here for more details on Bavarian Oompah theming.
Consider background music between sets

Ensure that your band can play suitable background music when they are not on stage. You might want some disco music at the end. Ask if they can do this.

Consider food and refreshments

Decide on the food you would like to offer your guests during the interval. Your band should have many suggestions.
Consider timings

For evening events, invite your guests for 7.30pm with an 8.oopm start. The band will usually start at 8.15pm/8.30pm because there are always late-comers!

Schedule speeches and prize draws

Ask the band if they will allow you to use a microphone for speeches, raffles etc and schedule these carefully around the bands’  performances.
Enjoy every moment!

On the night, sit back, relax and enjoy yourself with your guests. Let the band do the work!

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